Cheap Apartment Decorating Ideas for small apt

For some time now, you have been thinking about decorating your house or apartment. You look around and nothing seems to be at the right place anymore. You want to make some changes in your home but your salary does not seem to be on the same page with you. Well, you don’t have to worry because with creativity and a few cheap apartment decorating ideas you’ll have a new place in no time.

 First of all, clean out your place and move your sofa where you think it fits better. The idea is to move around your furniture for a fresh start of the room. If you think that a chair is too old or the table sets you in a bad mood get rid of them. You can improvise and have the same comfort as before. After you have finished moving around the furniture and getting rid of the old one, open your windows. Sit in the corner of the room and let inspiration come to you. Focus on parts of the room you wish you change. You think the sofa is old fashioned but you cannot afford to buy a new one. Here are some from  small apartment decorating in regards with the sofa. Replace your old curtains, cut them and put them on the sofa. The old stains or the worn-out aspect of the sofa will be history. Your windows should be chatting with café curtains, preferably with stripes. They are cheap so it won’t cost too much. Also, take some pillows with floral prints and throw them on the sofa. So you have a new sofa and new light in your room.
Your room should be all color- orange, green, blue, and red, depending on your wishes. There is no need to paint your walls. Just use color where you can! Paint your dresses or your table. Use light vivid colors and add lines, stripes or shapes to make it more interesting. The color for 2013 is Emerald Green so buy a green vase or make a green corner by placing a flower pot on the floor or on a stand. Pick a flower that is in bloom most of the year or just a green plant for an amazing effect. You can also paint photo frames and place them on the table along with a glass bowl where you can put it a few colored rocks. The best cheap apartment decorating idea would be a green, orange, blue, red chest of drawers where you can organize all the things that you throw on the table.

If you don’t have any money, you can glue together a bunch of photos on the wall. Just glue your favorite one side by side until you cover the middle of the wall. For adding color in the room, a cheap decorating advice is to place colored pencils on the wall in the shape of a rainbow or butterfly. You can make a unique carpet from wine corks to place it in the bathroom.

These were a few ideas to get you started with decorating your house. If it’s possible in your mind then it’s doable


when Brian Elliott doesn’t play like one of the NHL’s 3 stars of the week.

Given that three of the Rangers first four goals were breakaways, we shouldn’t place too much blame on the Flyers goaltender for Tuesday’s 5-1 loss in New York. But his struggles and ultimate removal to start the third period underlines that at least part of the Flyers surge after their 10-game winless streak was directly traceable to his elite play between the pipes during that stretch.

We had grown accustomed to Elliott covering for the mistakes and turnovers that pockmarked last night’s loss. This time, as was the case when he was yanked against Pittsburgh, Elliott wasn’t any better than what was taking place in front of him according website livescore skor indonesia.

It happens.

Scott Laughton was thisclose to making the type of play that determines games and makes highlight films. All he may have needed to do was to keep his stick on the ice. After grabbing a misplayed puck along the boards in his own zone during a first-period power play by the Rangers, Laughton feathered a perfect pass to Claude Giroux streaking down the middle of the ice. Rangers goaltender Henrik Lundqvist got a pad on Giroux’s shot and the rebound appeared to skid under Laughton’s stick as he streaked to the far post.

Would he have been able to backhand it into the exposed net? Maybe, maybe not. But if the stick was on the ice, we’d know.
The Rangers had a power play goal and a shorthanded goal in the first period, underlining two of the Flyers more gnawing flaws of their uneven season. Paul Carey’s breakaway goal at 19:50 was the Rangers first shorthanded goal of the season, but it was the seventh the Flyers have allowed already this season. Only the Sabres, Islanders and Avalanche have allowed more.

It was a fitting end to what had to be one of the worst power play attempts by the Flyers this season. It included two ugly turnovers by Claude Giroux, a slapshot from close in by Ivan provorov that missed everything and served as a self-induced icing, and the blown tire along the boards by Jordan Weal that led to the shorthanded jail-break the other way, and Carey’s goal. Ugly all around.
We get it. The Flyers are currently two points out of a playoff spot. The Flyers could jump this team with a win. This is a four-point game.

We get it. Almost every game inside of the Eastern Conference and particularly the Metro Conference this is the case. It hardly needs mentioning.

And yet it is. Which is fine. What’s irksome is the gravity often given to it by those covering the games. There are 38 games left. The Flyers play the Rangers three more times, the Devils three more times, the Capitals three more times…

Points are important, yes. Positioning, at this point of the season, is not.

Blues News: Grachev Assigned to Peoria

Yes, I was wrong. I honestly expected the Blues to carry 23 players for a while since they had at the start of the season. I should not forget the needs of Peoria. I am ashamed Rivermen fans. A thousand apologies. Today the St. Louis based crew was reduced by one.

St. Louis Blues Executive Vice President and General Manager Doug Armstrong announced Wednesday the club has assigned forward Evgeny Grachev to the Blues’ American Hockey League (AHL) affiliate, the Peoria Rivermen.

In 17 games this season the former New York Rangers prospect accumulated 2 assists while averaging 8:44 per game.

Grachev had an outstanding camp on a line with David Backes, but started the season as a healthy scratch before making headway by earning a stint on the 4th line and holding it down. In a few brief opportunities, late in games looking for a goal, he was moved up a line and did well enough given the situation. In his prolonged chances on a scoring line he did not fare as well. Namely his one infamous disjointed period with Patrik Berglund and Chris Stewart in which Ken Hitchcock promptly sat him for most of the following 20 minutes.

He was not the same player after that game.

Combine in his regression and the increasing health of the Blues lineup, it was time to send him for a stint in Peoria. Exactly where he should have started the season, but the injury to BJ Crombeen in the final preseason game alter those plans.

Partially because he is Russian (and also because he is skilled with “upside”), Grachev as earned a small, but pugnacious following of fans. Needless to say they are upset at the move. Hey, if my favorite prospect was sent to Peoria, I’d not like it either. But, bear in mind he isn’t being punished.

He’s being tested. That’s a good thing.

As Dave Eminian tweets, the big guy will partner up with another big guy with aspirations of getting back to the NHL.

Grachev will play w Phil McRae. PEO opens 3 in 3 Fri at Oklahoma City.

Yes, the Rivermen play three games in three days starting Friday. The AHL just works that way. They go from OKC to San Antonio Saturday and then Houston on Sunday. With the Blues rolling sans Grachev on the ice and Peoria hit with some injury issues, they need the bodies more than the press box does.

HOCKEY SPORT: History, Tools and Game Rules

Supporting facilities of hockey sport
Hockey players generally consist of skates, shin pads, gloves, hockey pants, sticks, and helmets. The most important hockey sticks, in addition to protection from your body.

Striker hockey stick
The weight of a stick has certain limitations. Weight of nostick hockey may be less than 12 ounces and not exceed 23 ounces for women and 28 ounces for Men. Stick has a flat surface (flat face) on the left, the surface of the stick on the left hingg until the handle (handle). The head of the stick that is at the bottom of the joint is more or less halfway of the stick stick must be made of wood. The sticks shall not be embedded, spliced ​​or inserted of metal or the like, nor shall there be any sharp objects or other harmful objects. The ends of the sticks shall be curved, shall not be flat or shaped.


stick player

stick players commonly used made of fibber, some are made of wood, and the shape will be different.
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stick Goalkeeper is somewhat different from other players stick shaped like a circle like in this picture






The ball should be made of white leather and sewn in a way like a cricket ball wrapper.
The ball’s weight is at least a minimum of 5.5 ounces and a maximum of 5.75 ounces.

Circle 8 13/16 in. Minimum, 9 ¾ maximum

Weight; 5.50 oz minimum, maximum 5.75
Before the match begins the two captain can jointly agree to play with the ball made of plastic or ball kurk with the proviso that it must be the size and weight adjusted to the conditions described above.

The ball can be replaced during the game.

Field Hockey is a hockey game that is played with a ball on a field or grass, or a field of artificial turf. This game is very popular once played by men and women in a number of countries in the world, especially countries in Europe, India, Pakistan, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and South Asia. In USA and Canada, this sport is very prominent played by women.

Hockey History

Experts say the hockey game comes from Persia, because a sport similar to a game known today has been played about 4000 years ago. The carvings on the cave at Beni Hassan in the Nill valley depict, centuries ago by the Egyptians playing a game that looked like hockey. Also in Greece about 500 years before Christ.stick hockey

The first hockey club stood at Blackhealth, London in 1861. It was only in 1900 that regulations began to be uniformed and in 1908, hockey competed in the London games, the International Hockey Organizing Parent was formed in Paris in 1924 under the name Federation Internationale de Hockey Surgazon, abbreviated FIH .
History of hockey in Indonesia, engraved by orang2 berkebangkasaan english and dutch.

How to play
Sports Hockey is a game that is competed by 2 (two) teams, consisting of 11 people from each team. As it is understood that a team of 11 players is:

1. Goalkeeper maen hockey
2. Right Back
3. Back left
4. Right midfielder
5. Central midfielder
6. Left midfielder
7. Right outside
8. Right inside
9. The center forward
10. Left in
11. Left outside

The General Rules of the Hockey game are as follows:

A player is forbidden to:

– Lifting sticks on his shoulders whenever possible.
– Doing a game that can be dangerous
– Hit the ball into the air, lift it up
– Kicking or holding the ball with the foot (except the goalkeeper according to the rules)
– Hit, bite or hold the opposing stick
– Blocking the opponent with a body or stick, pushing, holding or dropping – stumbling
his opponent.

A player is allowed to:

– Hold the ball by hand (as per applicable rules), as long as the ball falls immediately, so instead of catching the ball but holding the ball with open-handed hands.

In the D (Striking circle) only the goalkeeper is allowed to play with his legs, kick and hold the ball with any body part, but he does not lie down on or in front of the ball.

Penalties that can be given are:

(1) Free hit / free hit
A free blow is made at the place where the offense occurred

(2) Penalty corner – short corner
Penalty corners can be done above the punt goal line which gets penalties on the go, but at least 2.75 m from the nearest goalpost.

This corner penalty is given whenever one is clearly known to touch the ball next to the goal area or due to something he does in D or striking circle.

(3) Stroke Penalty
Penalty strokes are awarded due to errors made in D or striking circles when a defending player clearly blocks a ball that will enter in an unauthorized manner.

Penalty stroke performed from a distance of 7.31 m from the front of goal.

The other players must be behind the 25-yard line. When the goalkeeper can hold the ball then the surviving team is given a free hit (free hit) from a point 14.63 m from goal.

(4) Corner hit – long corner
A hit corner is awarded when a player accidentally hits or plays the ball behind his line from less than 25 yards.

Corner hit was done from a distance of 9.14 m from the nearest goalpost. For this hit the players of the attacking squad must be behind the D line or the striking circle.

(5) Offside

Offiside is when a player goes beyond the opposing 2 players in front of him when he is in the opponent’s field.

(6) Hit – in – punch inside

When a man hits or touches a ball with his stick beyond the pengan line, this hit is done above the line by an opposing player from where the ball is out of the field. The other players with their stick should be at least 4.55m from the ball. If a ball struck by an attacker goes over the goal line then the hit or free hit is done from a point 14.63 in the direction where the ball is leaving or exiting the field.

Thus a brief overview of the development of Hockey sport with a brief description of how the sport is played, along with general rules and equipment used.

Mile High Match Up

Tonight the St. Louis Blues take on the Colorado Avalanche in their first meeting of the pre-season. In recent years, the Avs have had the blues number winning a bulk of the match ups. Blues killer Chris Stewart lighting the lamp for the guys from the foot hills. Silently watching in the back ground, one Doug Armstrong plotted to snatch that goal scoring nightmare and put him to work for the good guys. On a cold night in February 2011 that dream came to fruition. In a deal that shocked every blues fan that I have ever met or know straight down to the core, the blues overnight dealt their 2006 first round first overall selection in Erik Johnson. Included in the deal was Forward Jay McClement, and a 2011 conditional first round draft pick. Not only did St. Louis hit a home run by grabbing 6’2 230lbs Stewart, they hit a grand slam by snatching up rookie defenseman Kevin Shattenkirk, along with a 2011 2nd round draft pick in which the blues snuck Ty Rattie at number 32.

The tide has turned here in St. Louis. This season the bleeding blue hopefuls have more to look forward to then they have in over 5 years since the lock out. The game tonight will be no doubt a small glimpse into the future of what this on going match up brings. With the Avs taken a bit of a long slide at the end of last season it will be interesting to see how they pull themselves up this season. Will Erik Johnson ” make us regret trading him?” I am not convinced as some may be that Johnson will break out in Colorado and be a monster Defenseman. It will be up to him wether or not he is ready to put forward the effort to be a number 1 guy on the Avs blue line. I for one will not be looking over my shoulder to see if it happens or not. There are too many positive things right here to keep my attention then to worry about that. Tonight’s game will be played at Pepsi Center in Denver Colorado at 8 p.m. central. You can find the game on Cruisin oldies 950 on the am dial. Tonight’s blues line up will look to include more youth as Stefan Della-Rovere, Phil McRae, Adam Cranknell, Brennan Evans, Ian Cole, and TJ Hensick get into the line up.

Jake Allen will get his first start of the pre-season. Allen is expected to be the number one guy for the Peoria Rivermen ( The blues AHL club.) In the years to come Blues fans will hear more and more of Jake and the blues front office fully expect him to be with the big club in the years to come. The blues are taking their time to develop him the right way and it will show once he makes it to the Lou.

Blues fans… Can you feel that energy in the air? Can you hear Charles Glenn belting out our national anthem at the top of his talented lungs? For the last few days the chant “LET’S GO BLUES” has been ringing clearly inside my head. With a Mile High Match Up tonight we are one day closer to the October 8th season opener and the road to Lord Stanley’s cup!

Bluenotes: Blues Beat Bolts, Tonight’s Lineup, Camp Cuts, Sibir Highlights

A Clean Sweep
Down in the hockey hotbed that is Orlando, FL the St. Louis Blues beat the Tampa Bay Lightning 4-3 Wednesday night. Nikita Nikitin, Ian Cole (PP), Chris Stewart and Adam Cracknell (GWG) all scored for the Blues. For those who couldn’t hear the game on local Orlando radio the Tampa broadcast team raved about Patrik Berglund‘s play. Evgeny Grachev had another solid outing as well. Stewart had the primary assist on Nikitin’s and Cole’s goals. Giving him three points on the night to lead all players.

Jeremy Rutherford reports Ben Bishop made 21 saves. Judging by the Tampa coverage Bishop performed well. Darren Pang agrees.

A Wild Opponent

The Blues play their third preseason game in three days at 7:00pm down at Scottrade. The Minnesota Wild, a regular on the September schedule, appear in their second warmup contest. Their first was a 4-3 win at Edmonton on Tuesday night.

According to Lou Korac, here are the lineups for both clubs.

Alex Steen-Jason Arnott-Jonathan Cheechoo
Andy McDonald-Philip McRae-Matt D’Agostini
Chris Porter-Anthony Nigro-T.J. Oshie
Anthony Peluso-Ryan Tesink-Tyler Shattock

Carlo Colaiacovo-Roman Polak
Brett Ponich-Kevin Shattenkirk
Danny Syvret-David Shields

Jaroslav Halak gets the start; Brian Elliott is the backup.

Colton Gillies-Eric Nystrom-Brad Staubitz
Kris Foucault-Zack Phillips-Brett Bulmer
Jeff Taffe-Warren Peters-Jed Ortmeyer
Jarold Palmer-Taylor Peters-Carson McMillan

Marco Scandella-Nate Prosser
Justin Falk-Jordan Hendry
Tyler Cuma-Chay Genoway

Niklas Backstrom and Matt Hackett will be the goaltenders.

Note the big names dressing for the first time this season: Oshie, Steen, McDonald, Arnott and Halak.

Don’t read too much in to Elliott backing up Halak. The Blues have already said that the goalies are expected to play through an entire game. With Halak likely starting three with Jake Allen, Bishop and Elliott getting two a piece.

For those who don’t just follow the big guys, we’ve seen Anthony Nigro has quietly performed well thus far. He’s centering hard working Chris Porter and Oshie. Are the Blues testing him to see what else he can offer the Rivermen this season other than a figure on the body count chart? Stands to reason.

After another big game for Grachev, Phil McRae gets his chance to answer as he centers McDonald and D’Agostini. A spot likely reserved for David Backes come October 8th. A power forward McRae is not, but he did bulk up his plus sized frame quite a bit over the summer. Using it to create space and work the boards for his wingers is what to watch for tonight.

I can tell Peoria head coach Jared Bednar has at least some pull with Davis Payne. Dave Shields makes his preseason debut but he will not be with Traverse City partner Brett Ponich. The former Portland Winterhawks captain is skating with Kevin Shattenkirk. There again is the balance dynamic in the pairings. Ponich simulates Kent Huskins/Nikitin.

Sent Packing to Juniors
According to Belleville News-Democrat Blues scribe Norm Sanders, three are leaving training camp for their respective CHL clubs.

Tarasenko and Lehtera Highlights
I just discovered the website thanks to HF Boards. Looks like you can get lengthy videos of KHL games on the site. One thing is for sure seeing Sibir‘s 5-4 win over Salavat Yulaev, Jori Lehtera can dish the puck. Get him on a line with a big body to create space and a shooter the Blues could be on to something. For Vladimir Tarasenko homers, you don’t see a rediculous turnover leading to a goal… of course, he makes up for it with a sick shootout goal.